Win Membercard Number One!

It’s time to make our first contest!

Easy to play: create a membercard for our Eclipse Official Fan Club (a 9×6 cm rectangular format, printable on both sides), send your files and your personal details to and we’ll choose the best one, together with the band! You have time until the 24th of June 2019!

So, what do you win?

Having Membercard Number One means that:

#Your name and/or website will be on all official membership cards;

#Member Number One will have special presents everytime he/she attends to Eclipse gigs;

#You just have to write to us an email 5 days before the show and we’ll tell you what you’re going to receive (a pass for the gig, a backstage pass, an interview with the band, a photo session with the guys, gadgets from merch, ecc…)

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